All quilting is done on my computerized Gammill quilting machine. Your quilt sandwich will typically be completed within 2-3 weeks. 

Press your quilt top and backing. When in doubt, press seams toward the darker fabric. 

Provide your own backing fabric. Backing must be larger than your quilt top; 4" wider and 6" longer, minimum.

Trim and remove excess threads and strings. These tend to show up in a finished product even when they are hardly visible before quilting.  

High quality batting is provided at my studio at 
very competitive prices, so there is no need to 
provide your own. I will be stocking Hobbs. 
It is preferred that your batting be purchased 
at my studio for all machine quilting that is to 
be completed by me. ALL PRICES ARE 

100% COTTON - 1/8" loft, 3-5% shrinkage 
(Warm & Natural until it runs out)
  • Natural 96" wide  $8.99/yd        
  • 120" wide  $9.99/yd 
80/20 COTTON/POLY BLEND - 1/4" loft, min. 
  • Black 108" wide  $7.99/yd      
  • Natural 120"  $7.99/yd
  • Bleached 108" $7.49/yd
WOOL - 1/4" loft, 3-5% shrinkage                     
  • 108" wide  $12.99/yd
POLY-DOWN - 1/4" loft, minimal shrinkage, polyester 
  •  108" wide  $5.99/yd

There are lots of quilting patterns to choose 
from! Please check the tab labeled photos 
for some examples. Open, widely spaced 
patterns work best with higher loft batting. 

Pattern choice is up to you and I will ask MANY
questions to help come to a conclusion. Some 
find this exhausting, but until I know you better, 
it's necessary. 

Typically, after dropoff, I will email or text you 
some pattern choices based on face to face 
discussions. We may go back and forth a 
couple of times, I will not start your quilt until 
we have agreed.

I use high quality Superior So Fine 3-ply #50 
thread for all my quilting. This is only thread 
type I will use, my machine loves it.

I have 20+ colors stocked to choose from and 
have color cards for samples of other colors. 
Choosing from the cards may cause a delay in 
delivery of your quilt sandwich while thread is 
ordered. There's no extra charge for selecting 
from the cards. 

COST - Still running a 30% discount on prices listed below!!
Minimum quilting costs start at just $48.00 for 
smallest quilt sizes but is typically calculated per 
square inch. Pricing starts at $0.017 per square 
inch is dependent on the pattern you chose and 
how much spacing between quilting. Minimum 
charge is due to the time is takes to load, unload 
and set up the software. 

1.7 cent - E2E, no more than 3 inches between quilting
2.0 cent - E2E, no more than 1.5 inches between quilting
2.4 cent - E2E, no more than 3/4 of an inches between quilting
3.0 - 7.0 - Custom work, price depends on how complicated
4.0 cent - E2E, tight, condensed stitching (PANT Woods or similar)

For example, if your quilt is 80" x 90" then your 
square inches are 7200. 7200 x 0.017 = $122.40 
for an E2E quilting pattern of no more than 3" 
between stitch lines.

Center quilt on backing +$15
Use of minky or other difficult fabrics +$15
Ironing - typical +$10 per backing, +$15 per top
Excess thread and string removal +$15
Excessive wonky easing +$25
Thread color change +$5 each
    above 400 inches +$75
    361 - 400 inches +$65
    321 - 360 inches +$55
    261 - 320 inches +$45
    181 - 260 inches +$35
    under 181 inches +$25

RUSH SERVICES - typical 1 week turn around
Regular rush +$50 - quilts submitted Jan - Oct
Holiday rush +$100 - quilts submitted Nov - Dec 

- I reserve the right to refuse work on any 
quilt for any reason.
- While your quilt top in my care, it is insured 
up to $500 for cases of house fire or flood, no 

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